Work contract extended again

Well, it’s my first post here and it’s going to be about my career. My supervisor pulled me off today and asked if I’ve got any plans, if not will I like to extend my contract. I gave him the two thumbs up but did mention I’ll be flying back to Hong Kong to spend the holidays with my family. He said that’s fine but the studio will resume work on 2nd Jan 2012. However, he’ll need to speak with the Producer on the length of the extension but it’ll most likely be till Feb 2012, which is the shipping date for the game.

On other news, our studio unfortunately failed to obtain the Square Enix project despite some cracking effort for the 2 week assignments done by our lads. To be honest, I was alittle disappointed since well, if they do get the project I might get a chance to extend a weebit longer but I really feel our studio are more than capable enough to take on the task to work on another potential AAA title. Anyways, I’m still delighted to end 2011 on a positive note and maybe, just maybe I might get to stay at my studio….for good.

6 thoughts on “Work contract extended again

  1. Them keeping you on twice is really great news. Maybe it’s just a long testing stage for you? I hope you do get a permanent position! Work hard and enjoy it! You’re soo lucky getting into the industry as soon as you got your degree!

    • Thanks Pie, I feel really fortunate to work at this studio since the people here are really talented, the salary is good and as what you said, to get a job just barely 2 months after I graduated. Hopefully they’ll get another huge project soonish so I can continue to stay.

  2. Hang on, he pulled you off and you gave him two thumbs up ?!
    In work !?

    That sort of things is frowned upon here in jolly ol’ Blighty, sir ! ;)

    But other than that good news on the career sir, sounds like you’re getting in some good “experience”… :)

  3. Congrats Dimmi! I think you are doing awesome. The way I see it, up to now the gaming industry has decided they need you 3 times and decided they do not need you 0 times. That is what in Real Madrid we call a “Hat Trick” or “half of our points advantage over Barça”.
    Keep it up, I cannot wait to seeyour game on the shelves and I am still hoping for you in the credits!

    • Thanks Joe but seriously, my name won’t be in the credits lol. Well, I’m still working on a new demoreel and hope to send firing out resumes before the end of next week or at the very latest, before Christmas.

      I’ve learned alot from my seniors and it’s nice that they’re all very talented and friendly (I only dislike one fella and he’s also a contract animator), I’ll definitely show my new demoreel to you guys when I’m done. :)

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