CD Projekt to make new AAA Title

CD Projekt are best known for their award winning Witcher series. The Witcher 2 looked beautiful and excelled in the RPG category, they listened to the community and offered free, quick patches and free future content. Now they are talking about making a new AAA title that will be “set in a totally different universe” from the Witcher series. Having experience in making a great RPG one can only assume they’ll be making a new RPG set somewhere else. What do you think?

It’s great to see a company make a new, original IP. Publishers are so scared of investing in an original idea today that they will only invest if the developers are pitching to make a sequel to a successful game.

CD projekt are in no rush to spill details and will do so “…when the time is right.”

Sounds like something to look forward too.

2 thoughts on “CD Projekt to make new AAA Title

  1. Scifi? Fantasy? History? Zombies? Modern? A new IP could be many things, but the style of CD Projekt of more gritty, adult RPGs sounds nice. I have the Witcher 1 but I have not gotten round to play it yet, it is one of the many.

  2. I’ve yet to play Witcher 1. I started on Witcher 2 and because i was new to the series there was no tutorial so i found it really hard to use powers and learn combat. They however did fix this by adding a tutorial and a new arena game mode in the latest patches.

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