YWBL4DA tournament 2012 edition

As you know, next March we will try to have the third edition of the YWBL4DA tournament. And usually we start preparing it around this time of the year, by looking for good fun games and brainstorming ideas about the format. The first year it was all about 1 vs 1 and the second year it was about creativity.
I want to send to the community an open question:
If you have ideas, suggestions and specially games that you would like to see in next year’s tournament, drop me a line at joeduck@ywbl4da.com, on Steam or even better, send me a private message in the forum. I will be very glad to have some pointers. In terms of games, I am specifically looking for games that meet certain requirements. They have to be free, as we do not want to ask participants to buy a game. It should be a game with a clear way to know who wins or loses. If possible, we should be able to spectate or at least record the match. It should be simple to learn and fast to play. And ideally, participants should be able to compete directly against each other.
The cherry on the cake would be to find a genre that we have not yet explored.
And the most important, it should be FUN!
So there you go, keep your eyes peeled for games that could be used for the tournament and if you see them, tell me.