The Black Out

Many sites today have taken up arms against the acts today by use of a blackout. What is a blackout I hear you asking? It’s a really simple and highly effective tactic, all they’ve done is closed down their front pages and linked them to petitions against the acts or they’ve left information about the acts. Here are a few examples just a to make a short list of sites that have participated.

1- WordPress
2- Wikipedia
3- Reddit
4- Mozilla
5- Minecraft

Many more websites have taken part in this movement, this list is just a few of the more notable sites. I have personally seen the effect it’s having, as people who I know who are not techies are posting links on social networking sites. It’s become so notable it’s being mentioned on British radio shows. The fact that high traffic websites are now taking part is really helping to increase awareness about what is actually going on with these acts is great news.