Steam Sale!

I hope you are ready, because the double sale is starting. We are now going to see lots of good games from the beginning of the year at very good prices. If you kept your head cool and did not buy under the influence of an impulse (or too much booze), then you should be able to find some gems. However do not go all crazy, you can miss some titles and still be able to get them, do not forget the BIG sale after Christmas.
How does the sale work? It seems to follow the format of past years. There some permanent discount prices from publisher catalogues that go from 15% to 50%. Then you have the daily deals, those have been known to go all the way to 85% discount. Obviously the proper way to deal with this is to let the whole sale pass and get to see all the daily offers and the last day, search for any catalogue discounts that you may still want and never went on a daily.
Ok, so what is cool this first day? People in the forum are interested in Orcs Must Die (yay!) and in Renegade Ops (boo!)
And Portal 2 of course. I cannot understand how anyone would not have Portal 2 yet, but if you do not, just get it, you can thank me later.

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